Ok feeling disturbed a little?

My man gave me his yahoo password years ago I had never got into it until recently when this feeling came over me. He has dating sites still open after 4 years and 1 was recently opened. He replied it wasent him. Like yeah right. It's your picture it's your words it's u. After I called him on it he changed his password and is now secretive with his phone. I have never went on it or snooped nor do I want to. But he is more protective about it. It goes everywhere with him. More so now than before. He don't believe in marriage.. and settling down we just had that conversation. So why in the he'll do I do now. ? I see lots of red flags popping up. And I know if I ask him he will deny it. Should I get rid of him or just ignore it

Oh I didn't mention that he lies which is why I don't trust completely. And it's about the stupid shit like going to maverik to eat lunch. Or saying hi to someone when I'm not around. I'm 100% blunt. I tell it how it is. But he cant.


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  • You don't have trust, so you have fuck all. Time to break up.

    If you don't have trust after 4 years, it's not going to magically appear now.


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  • Your options are:

    1) you accept that he's likely cheating (definitely cheating emotionally but possibly physically too) and has a private life that includes trolling and potentially using dating sites. You stay with him, despite his lying and internet dating, even though he is not willing to give you any long term commitment

    2) you decide to leave him because you don't like being lied to and cheated on. You would prefer a partner who is willing to commit to you and you are confident that you will find him in right time

    I'm sorry you're experiencing this but I think you need to ask yourself which of these options are more appealing to you.

    Best of luck