Is he my boyfriend yet? please help?

seen him for almost half year now. we never really talked about this but we know we only seeing each other.
he always initiate the date. cares me when i m sick. take me out pay for it. see my friend pay for my friend too.
let me know his schedule like.
hold my hand whenever we go. kiss me goodbye. told me his past and willing to tell me anything.
talked about something about his own business plan in future and already assume i will be around. since he joked about he can pay me in sex so I can help him on some stuff and give advise.
invited me to his work place once but i did not come cause i have other plan. but did not ask me again later. so did not meet his friends or co works yet.
He was out of town for 1 and half month already assume i will be still around.
I mean i do feel like we are in kind of relationship. I trust him and i know he likes me. but he never ask me be his girlfriend and I never bring it up.

  • he already assume me his girlfriend
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  • no. we are not couple yet
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  • If you have not verbally made a commitment, I think it unwise to ever assume anything. Why don't you talk to him and clarify?

    • To be honest. My self not sure. for me it more like when he say the love words , it means something. otherwise people break up anyway.
      I feel if i m not talk to him about it. I am lower the expectation. so actually happier with him since i feel i don't have the right mad at him on anything since no title.

    • and i know he won't cheat on me. I don't why , But i just know. he is a decent guy. and by the way he treated me. I just know. so I am sure if it necessary to really bring it up.

    • It's up to you, of course you know what's best for you. But I don't usually see situations like these where big topics (such as exclusivity) are not spoken about but assumed go well.

      Best of luck!

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  • You two really should define your relationship. it certainly sounds like you two are serious and exclusive. Just sit down and discuss what you two are to each other.

  • You're not together until you've had the conversation.


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