Boyfriend is mad because I can't hang out tomorrow. What should I do?

My bf and I have been dating for like 4 months or so now. I saw him on Saturday and since then he texted me on Sunday. He said he wanted to hang out and I said he should let me know during the week.

He works during the day and comes home in the evening. He texted me today, asking me whether I've got uni tomorrow. I said I did and he didn't reply back. He's got a bit of an attitude whenever I can't hang out with him when he wants to.

I do get the vibe, that he got a bit pissed because I didn't say when I would finish uni.

So, why would he be mad and not reply back even though he read my message?


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  • Sounds immature.


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  • A good and true boyfriend would not react like that. He is acting possessive over you. He has no right over your life, and won't have even if you marry. He is acting childish.

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