Dating question for guys to answer... is it a game and how do I play it?

Hi, I finally met a guy I like and weve been on like a date once a week (dinner, drinks) and he messages me everyday to wish me a good day... but on Friday I invited him for dinner (he had invited me around previously) and since that day, apart from a text a few hrs later wishing me a nice day) I haven heard from him (its now Tuesday night). My questions are 1. Is it concerning that he has never called me the whole month we have been dating 2. Is it concerning that he hasn't got in touch since that text on Saturday or is it normal in the world of dating and 3. Is he playing a game? I feel he really likes me when we are together 4. When he finally messages do I leave it 3 days to reply as in play a game

Appreciate your help as I like this guy and I honestly find this kind of thing confusing. by the way we haven't slept together I told him I want to take it slow


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  • I'm not going to try to be that person who tells you "no grow up, playing games is insecure people, etc" because I get where you're coming from. Sometimes there are cases when we don't text or get in contact, or do something a bit manipulative, they start to chase us. I'll admit I've done it a couple times when it felt like the person needed to put more effort into chasing me. So maybe it could be a good idea and you play a little hard to get when an opportunity is there (don't play too hard, they will lose interest). Although I hate it, and honestly I hate doing it myself too because I prefer consistency and honesty to why we haven't talked much after being very close.

    One thing I might say is he could be just more interested in other things (not someone necessarily), just things he'd rather put more time into, which you should do the same. Learn to give us much interest as he's willing to give in return so there's a balance. I learned to show interest, and depending how on the level they give me, where I usually set the amount when I first start dating.

    • Thanks for taking the time to reply :) you made some v good points. I find it weird that things were going good and suddenly he dropped contact. He even got me roses on our last date. Now its been 4 days. Im not pining just wish I knew why. Thank you so much x

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  • Simple answer - don't play games. Period! Not worth it!

    Doesn't sound to me like he is too interested, tbh. I would say the reason he likes you when ur together is coz he wants it.. and he isn't getting it if he doesn't 'like you'

    It's unfortunate that when u finally find a guy u like, this kinda thing happens. Sorry about that :(
    Move on and find a guy worthy of your time.

    Good luck

    • Agree. If you're interested you would make contact at least right? Maybe it was all about the chase. Thanks for taking the time to respond :)

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