If he's not asking questions, is he not interested? (Dating new person)?

If you're dating someone new... is it worrisome if the guy isn't asking lots of questions when it goes silent? I feel like I'm doing all the work by asking all of the questions.. he asks me the same q's I do, but I'm running out of ideas here.

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  • He mimics what you ask?

    • I ask him something, then he goes "what about you?"

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    • What do you expect him to tell you?

    • hopes, dreams, fears...

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What Guys Said 1

  • it depended on your questions may be he shy.

    • True! He came over the other day and we had a ton to talk about!

    • next time hug him tightly show him that he is special for you then may be he will not shy,, im also soooo shy,,, some boys are shy ,, but remember they are nice from their heart.. bye takecare

    • thanks! I'll try that

What Girls Said 1

  • If it's obvious you talk a lot more than him, it doesn't have to mean he's not interested. Maybe he's shy. But if he loves to talk about himself, but doesn't really want to know you better by asking you questions ("what about you" isn't a real, sincere question in my opinion) my experience has told me he's not that into you.

    You could take a bit more distance or talk less on a next date. He should also make an effort to get to know you :)

    • Yeah, I think that I'll stop texting him... let him text me when he wants. All day every day might be a little excessive, huh? Yeah, I agree... what about you isn't a sincere question in my opinion either.