My boyfriend and I are doing long distance but he never wants to talk on the phone?

He only wants to text and he is really suckish at that too. I tried breaking up with him multiple times but he won't let me so what do I do? Every single time I call him he gets this nasty tone and it's terrible and he yells at me sometimes. -_- I wanna talk on the phone at least once a day I call him sometimes but I really try to give him a chance to call me but he never does. Like when I visit he spends money on me and we have a good time for the most part but he does get angry a lot.


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  • This is not going to work. I'm sorry to be so blunt but in a long distance relationship, phone calls (and regular texting, skyping, etc) is ESSENTIAL.

    How does he "not let you break up with him" especially of your guys are my in close proximity. Just tell him you're breaking up with him and block his calls. If you're serious about wanting to break up, the distance actually makes it easy.

    Keeping it real, he does not sound like a good boyfriend. Strongly consider endin this before you wast more time and emotional energy.

    Best of luck

  • What do you mean he won't "LET" you break up with him? Honey, you need to brace yourself and stop calling/texting/visiting/whatever. He is throwing up so many red flags and you need to take care of yourself, first and foremost. If he does't want to talk, he's got something to hide. There's no reason to be angry when you call unless you're intentionally calling him at a bad time - while he's at work, etc.

    Pick yourself up off the floor and quit being a doormat. You deserve better.

    • You're right and I try to call when I know he is home.

    • All the more reason his reaction is irrational. Time to stop contact. Let him know that you deserve someone who is willing to invest time and effort into the relationship. It's okay to let this one go - there'll be another somewhere. Don't settle for less than what you want!

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