What to do when competition starts?

It happens that a good friend of mine is interested in this girl i like and he seems to be conversing with her just as much as I do.
Now I'm likely to see this girl in a week and he will be there. I can see the situation turning into a all out humiliating battle to win this girl's heart and I'm simply not ready for that.
What would you do in this position?


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  • Dude I say be the bigger man, don't fight your bro over a girl that is most likely enjoying how bad you two are trying to out do each other. Friends tend to last longer than girl friends man, and think long term, say you did win her (she's not stupid she realizes you both are interested), now she is your girlfriend, it only makes sense that she would be around you friends right. Now you have a girl friend that has history with one of your friends and that's never a good thing, it invites room for second thoughts.

    Well enough dark and gloomy, I say be the fucking Templar knight man chivalry isn't dead, let your friend have her and you go seek out greener grass. Trust me you will want to keep your friends more than some girl you just met.