Does He Genuinly Like Me, Do You Think he's Worth My Time, And What Should I Do About Him (Date him? not Ect.)?

there's this boy on my bus and he's Funny Tall Evreything A girl Could Want! But a little while ago there was a rumor that went around that he did this girl a little dirty!! What I Heared Was She You Know And Then He Was Done With Her! I don't know what i wanna do bc he likes me atleats i think so bc he always flirts saying tiana dosent wanna do this with me i need tiana to do this but i guess she dosent wanna be with me (loud sigh) and i flirt and play it off like uhmm no you dont and today on the buss he was like we started talking about us... and somebody said tiana something nasty and the boy said she's not nasty she's a good girl but she dont like me i replied with i like you but you dont want what i want and i said you be on that kiddy ishh and i want something real and he just says what?(makes confused face ) i can be real with you.. and i laughed and he said what you think i have girls or w. e i said all im saying is i have to get off the buss bc its my bus stop!!! but before all this i didn't like him but lately I've been thinking about him and me being with him & i dont want anything to happen like lossing my V bc he's tempting lol and i kinda want him to act right so i can be with him! But If I Do Mess With Him Im Nerves Bc His Ex And her Girls Seem Crazy Like They Would make Up A Rumor About Me!


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  • First off... that was really... REALLY hard to read. No offense meant here, and while I know this isn't school, holy crap, work on your typing. That was actually painful to read, and it probably kept a lot of other GAG people from commenting.

    Anyways, I wouldn't worry too much about dating. Just be sociable with him and nice. Not to sound patronizing here, but at your age, attraction easily comes and goes. If you think he's all right, just be friends with him. You'll regret poor relationships far, FAR more than you'll regret "what if" scenarios, given that he's one boy in a world of many, many others (even ones outside of your school). Don't stress if your feelings about him fluctuate greatly.

    While it's not entirely guaranteed, it's VERY likely that a relationship at your age wouldn't last. However, friendships easily can! Just be nice and sociable with him, and if anything is meant to happen romantically, it'll likely be some time after you get out of high school.

    I wish you the best wherever your life goes :)


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