Girlfriends want to attend some couples event on friend's birthday. Is it bad I'm choosing to hang out with friends?

You next week is my friends birthday and I had already promised I go. Well one of my girlfriend's told her about this couples event (Not really sure what it is) problem is it's the same day as my friends birthday. My girlfriend had already signed us up before talking to me about it and now expects me to go. I told her I can't go because I already made plans for myself. She responded by asking can't I just postpone it for a day. My exact words to that were: "I can't just postpone my friends birthday. Would you want me doing that to you?" She got pissed and walked out.


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  • You're right and no offense but she's kind of acting bitchy for expecting you to do that. Stand by what you said and certainly don't feel bad about it.

  • Stick it what you promised. It is important to cherish what you promise and your friends.
    Talk to her and say you really need to keep your word and that it is important to you. She cannot expect you to be free without telling you about it. And she cannot expect you to call off your friend's birthday.


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