Stressing out. Boyfriend? Party?

So my boyfriend has invited me to come with him to a party this weekend. It's not a bad thing because I really want to spend more time with him and I like him a lot. It's just I have been stretching myself so far right now that I feel like I'm going to explode. And on top of that I over think situations WY too much and hate parties. I get so stressed and nervous at just mentioning a party. On top of my issues this party is only going to be upper class men and we are going to be the few under classmen... so by all of this I'm freaking out right now. I don't want to disappoint him and myself cause I really want to do something with him but I'm not sure if I can do the whole party thing. One of my friends said it would be good for me but I'm not sure... I have no clue what to do and I'm already stressing about it...

I told him I didn't want to go... was this a good idea? I think it was fine... I just hope he doesn't feel too bad


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  • I would go and enjoy life with your boyfriend im mean look at all the things you can benefit by going to parties with your boyfriend you will know what he's doing you will be having fun with him he barley knows a lot of people there so he would be mostly by you and if he gets really wasted someone there that has his back will be able to take him home and make sure he gets home safe plus you can get in with the upper class students you could make a lot of new friends and have other people who can give you advice and to hang with i understand not being a big party person but just tell your boyfriend the honest truth once in a while i'll party with you but i rather spend my time doing fun things with you maybe you aren't the party type but into fun things that aren't taking place at a club or in someones house maybe partying at music festivals or concerts im sure if you express how you feel with your boyfriend he will understand and respect it

    • I'm told him and he said he totally understands and gets it and we are going to do something else together instead.. thank you!

    • yay your welcome :) im so happy to hear that !!!

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