Is this a sign he doesn't like me?

So my mom knows this guy I was talking to. We started good but now we don't talk. Because I said friends first, but we both knew we had feelings for Eachother. Now he tries to avoid me. So my mom asked him if he could give me a ride to school Cuz she had to leave. He said no because he was staying late for work. We all work at the same place. So if you really like someone would you leave the job to give that person a ride or no?

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  • Find out if he's a primary extrovert or introvert (google and research), if he's an extrovert and he's refusing to give attention then he will most likely have not feelings for you. If he's an introvert, he will have mixed signals showing attention then being distant constantly.


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  • well I think the fact that you put him in the friend zone put him in a place where he felt like he needed to back off

    but even still I think a "friend" whether there was more to it or not would give a person a ride. still I don't think you should make a decision about how he feels for you without trying to talk to him about things

  • Honest Advice:

    It doesn't sound like he's making any effort to want to be around you. If a guy likes a girl, he ALWAYS tries to talk to her, hang around her, or anything related. This guy's doing the opposite.

    • He's trying to avoid me I don't know why if we both knew we had something for Eachother.

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