What type of guy attracts unfaithful females? and How do you know you are dating an unfaithful female?

I seem to attract engaged women, or women that have dates already in general. They are extremely nice to me and make me feel bad at times for trying to not get too close to them. They don't flirt but expect me to make moves on them. I know not every nice girl is a cheater but i am constantly seeing very nice girls that I meet gets my attention either has a wedding ring finger, or boyfriend in profile photo. I've been in relationships in which the female had a boyfriend which i didn't know. Most of the time though i keep my distance. Females help a guy out because i don't want to be judgmental on nice girls.


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  • Ok... here's the thing about nice girls, sometimes they don't realize that their niceness can come off as flirting. Some of them probably just genuinely want to be friends with you, and it just comes off weird. So that may be the case with some of the girls you've met.
    Honestly there's no real way to tell who's a cheater and who isn't. I'd say as a rule of thumb, if she's cheating with you she's going to cheat on you. But you just don't know. I think the important this is to keep your integrity, and just be like straight up: I know you have a boyfriend/fiance/husband, and I'm not the type of guy to cheat or help someone else cheat. So you need to respect my boundaries.


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  • I don't think there is a type of person that is unfaithful necessarily or one that attracts them.

  • maybe they see you as "safe" or "fantasy man" who knows... are you shallow?

    • no, never, I mean i keep my distance from people that are not trust worthy but im genuinely nice myself.

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    • Nah, im about average looking. Its my kindness, Its not that i am nice purposely to people. I just don't like being mean. i'm genuinely nice like i said and have positive attitude. Im also gullible and silly at times that is probably it. I just don't like what I attract though because seems to always bring the wrong crowd but i refuse to change into more of dickish hard-shell person because it's no fun. Like i said before though I just keep my distance to those i know that are not trust worthy but remain nice as long as they stay out of my comfort zone.

    • hmmm then I don't know what it is about you that these woman are flocking to you other than they are love starved and you give them something they are missing in their relationships. in either case, it's wrong of them and doesn't sound like they are "nice" girls. What kind of girl fcuks around with you when she's already taken. that's called a slut! so no nice girls don't cheat.

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