Guy withdrew from argument. Is it over?

Gist: fought with my guy this weekend. We both had a weekend to spend together after months (LDR) but he only gave me a little time out of it. he felt that he made effort in driving down to see me in the first place and that he was trying his hardest given that he had other plans. I felt that saying he came for me is meaningless if you give me no time and that if you wanna see someone you will do wdv it takes including cancel those plans. We can't see each other again for months.

Anyway things got ugly over text and we fought. We met up and patched things up but then over the weekend I got more pissed cuz he didn't make more time for me.

Anyway I wrote him a long message just before i left saying I can't keep doing LDR if when we meet he barely wants to see me. I've asked him to try and help me understand why he did what he did. I was pretty blunt about stuff in the letter but I spoke rationally and calmly.

He hasn't responded to it. I texted him to say I got back home safe and he responded to that but when I asked how he was feeling no response.

is it over?



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  • You need to take the class Love and Respect. It explains all of this.

    • I'm sorry what?

    • Never mind. Just sounds like he isn't ready for a serious relationship at this time. He needs to mature and act like a man, instead of avoiding the conversation.

  • By being unresponsive to your attempt to understand the issues in the relationship, he avoids readdressing and resolving them. Thus, he avoids compromising and altering his behavior and delaying the inevitable. That is, if he is not waiting for what he perceives as a better time to do so.

    Any event, if he fails to respond soon, then I suggest you bring it up again. Or, consider his silence as his response.

    • So should I wait for his response and go no contact till then? Or should I say smth like hey I miss you

    • Go with "hey, I miss you," followed by small talk, then when his guard is down, ask him again to answer your questions in regards to the relationship.

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