Guy I like likes someone else but she has a boyfriend?

I work with this guy (same company but different areas of work), and it is well known across the company that he likes this other girl that works with me behind the bar, but she has a boyfriend and he has admitted to me that he no longer wants to be with her or see her but he can't help having fallen for her and if she texts him he starts liking her again, and she does nothing to stop this, she's stringing him along.

I'm starting to like this guy quite a bit now, and I really want him to see me as a potential date and help him to move on from this other girl -- what should I do?
I don't know how to talk to him without coming across as needy or desperate and people around us know that I like him. I know he probably only likes her for the pure fact he can't have her...


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  • That depends. If being hurt by expressing interest and investing in this guy during a time he has strong feelings for someone is worthy of taking a risk to you, then, without further adieu, go after what you want.

    Take the initiative. Begin flirting, playfully touching, and complimenting him to get your point across. And, when you feel confident to do so, ask him to hang.

    Otherwise, I strongly advise you to keep your distance. For interacting with him on a personal level will likely pull you in deeper. As a result, you may end up in a similar situation to his own. In this case, if things fail to work out as you had hoped, the swim back to shore may be exhausting and hard fought.


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  • try to spend as much as time as possible! he will get the signal that u like him! its up to him if he sees u as a potential date..

    while hanging out just be your best and most importantly be yourself!!

    gd luck


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