Being a nice guy doesn't get you a girlfriend?

I'm different to most people my age, I don't go out and partyand I don't actually know why, I don't drink or do drugs because of what I've seen growing up. I know I'm a nice guy, I've been told I'm attractive by many females, I'm not a boring person, People think I'm funny and one of a kind. I would rather spend a day in the city exploring and finding nice places to eat with a girl than invite a girl to a party. I know I'm not a boring person, I don't know if because I don't party that people see me as boring though. Throughout my life I've liked girls and they have liked me back, yet I never end up with them. Girls have asked me "how am I single" and "you'd be the best boyfriend" But I'm still single. I want a girlfriend that I can cherish and protect, a girlfriend that I can spend all my spare time with whether it's doing something interesting or sitting in a room talking. I know I have a lot of love in my heart but I am yet to let it out. I've been hurt by girls before, generally party girls. Being 18 makes it hard to find a girl that doesn't party lol. Anyway, my question is.. Is there anything unattractive about a guy that treats people/women right? Is it because I'm not into going to clubs and wasting my nights? Or is it just because girls don't want to give nice guys a chance because they think it'll be boring?
Being a nice guy doesn't get you a girlfriend?
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