Should I ask him where we stand or just keep my silence?

Met a guy at his house party, and ended up hooking up with him for four hours. He was really passionate and didn't stop expressing how amazing the night was going. He said so many flattering things the whole night (should girls believe guys when they make pleasing comments?) . He got my number, but hadn't chatted with me. I would've forgotten, at least tried to, forget about him, but I've seen him many times since (hooked up with him once again when I saw him; he said he missed me), but we just say hi. The most awkward thing of all is that I notice him always alone waiting for me to have eye to eye contact with him and say hi. What are these confusing signals? He gets real happy when he sees me, but he never has tried to have a conversation. Does it seem like he is shy or should I just treat it as a one night thing that passed? I'll see him around since we have many mutual friends, but the question of where this "relationship" stands bothers me and I don't know if I should initiate a conversation and gets things cleared up or just let it be. I do not think girls should act as pursuers and I want to keep my self respect even though I've secretly hooked up with guys weeks before and after him. This guy is the only one I think abou though because there seemed to be real chemistry, even though it was one night.


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  • I guess you should considering the situation.


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