How to get guys to like you?

Girls what do you do to get guys? And guys what do you like in a girl? I have no idea what I do wrong and what I do right. It seems that every time I like a guy he never likes me back but usually after I'm interested in them they like me or guys I don't like will like me. What is this? Anyway what do you girls do to get boys and what do you guys like in girls, thanks.


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  • Welcome to dating... I say that because randomnesses is oft part of the game. The best advice I can give is to associate yourself in social circles where men you like are. If he likes football, maybe go to a game or two. If he likes skateboarding, ask if he can show you some stuff. You don't have to make it a hobby but at least dabble in his interests since dating usually evolves from friends and friends usually hang with those with common interests. In other words, it gives a good medium to get to know guys who you like. That said, some aren't going to be into you and people, men and women, often are getting to know several people they are attracted to to up their odds. Note that I said getting to know and not dating. There's a fine line but absent some consent to open dating, you gotta cut off the other partners when it gets serious.

    As for what guys like, it varies wildly. There are men physically attracted to all manner of women. My best advice is to take care of yourself. Basic hygiene, reasonable body weight, and just maintaining an appropriate level of self maintenance (may be little or no makeup depending on your tastes). In other words, trying to make yourself something guys want is a fools errand. You are better off just trying to hang out with guys you like and seeing where things go.

    Oh, and its the 21st century so if you are tired iof things going nowhere, you can always ask guys out yourself to speed up the game so you waste less time on guys who aren't into you.

    Best of luck


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  • I suspect that there is no one-size-fits-all answer to your question. Everyone is different, so different things will appeal to different people.
    My suggestion would be to be yourself, because if you pretend to be someone or something that you are not that facade will crumble eventually and the person who was attracted by it will lose interest, once the real you appears from behind the curtain.
    May I suggest that you read a few books.
    1. The Instant Millionaire, by Mark Fisher. Contrary to the title, this is not a guide to becoming wealthy. The book is about psychology and how our level of self esteem leads us to make choices. These choices also involve our choice of lover.
    2. Skill With People. This is what Dale Carnegie's famous book How to Win Friends and Influence People would have been, if it had been edited properly. It is about how to deal with/interact with people in productive ways. The information in this book will give you a huge advantage in all areas of your life.
    3. Awaken the Giant Within, by Anthony Robbins. This will help you to realise your potential in all areas of your life.
    The final thing that I would like to say to a young woman of your tender years is: please do not go through the bad boy phase. It is terribly self destructive.
    When you are interested in a young man, look at his long-term potential as husband material. Where is he going in life? What is his income potential (he has to be able to support you and children)? What is his IQ? What is his genetic profile (free of hereditary diseases and defects)? Does he have the strength, height, hair and eyes that you want for your children?
    All this may seem to be a bit much to a person of your age, but think about what the dating process is. It is an audition for a potential mate. The end point of a successful relationship is marriage and children, however distant into the future that may be. Just my two cents.

    • I do always consider what it will be like in the future and things like that. I dislike "bad boys" I like innocence in a guy.

  • I am afraid, you not doing anything wrong, your just falling for the guys, that don't like you the same way. Its happens, there are girls I like, and they don't like me back. Dating is very hard for both sexes, to find someone you like and likes you, takes a lot of searching and generally putting yourself out there.

    As for what us guys go for in a women, there is nothing specific I can pinpoint for you, that we all go for in a women. We all go for different things. In terms of body on a girl, we all like a girl with a nice butt lol. Personality, us guys all look for different things.

    Just be yourself, and eventually you will find someone, unfortunately for you, you are in your teen years, which is the most hardest time for dating, Its all about image, sex, and popularity.

    • When I was in school, girls never seemed to like me. After I left school, and went to college, things changed for me. So keep your head up, and things could change for you, when you leave school.

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    • I can't help but feel bad

    • I don't like rejecting people myself. I have rejected girls. Thats comes down to, because you care about not hurting other peoples feelings. What we can do. You can't please everyone, every time. If your not attract, your not attracted to them. end of story. Rejecting someone doesn't mean we bad people.

  • It sounds scummy but I don't start out liking a girl because of her personality, I start out liking a girl because I think she's hot, and the chase as in all the work you put in to get the girl is part of the fun and it's not very attractive if a girl is easy so that's probably why guys who you liked started to like you when you aren't interested anymore because you aren't easy anymore and it requires some effort. Hopefully this helps :D

  • just be yoursef and u will find a guy of your type!!


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  • Just be confident.. Be more friendly.. Be who you are.. People will judge you but when they come to know you, they will see your good side. It doesn't mean you need to change yourself just so others will like you back. Confidence is the key! :)