Can I make a move on a really close female friend or keep things the way they are?

We've been friends since 15 and were both 20 and got to college together and she has had bf's but was never into taking things serious and told. me she never had sex with them. She asks. me a out bkw many girls. I've slept with and I answered honestly to her. She remembers like everything we did together that i forgot for example when we went to a play together 3 years ago, when we went to cedar point, and so many other things. I don't know I'm starting to get the sence she may like me but I don't want to risk such a good friendshiom



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  • Which one is more important to you? Not risking your friendship and not knowing ever if you both are made for each other OR risking your friendship but at the end, you get to know whether she really is the one and there'll be no regrets?

    I think knowing which one is more important to you will help you to make a decision. Just based your action on the scenario you prefer more-on the future you can see yourself in :)

    • I don't know she's not the most attractive but she is someone I trust. I'm tired of being hurt by girls who act flirty and want guys attention. So I'm trying to see If I'm happy with someone like her.

    • I think you should just go for it. Sometimes, it's not about looks, I know. I fell for a guy not handsome by the society standard, but I fell for his heart not his looks.

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  • Why not? Go for it.

    • There's a lot at risk lol I don't know I'm tired of chasing girls who love the attention. So I'm considering changing my approach and she knows a lot about me. She knows how many girls I've slept with, who has hurt me, and remembers everything we did together and I honestly can see myself In a relationship with her.

    • Well if she's the one who's been there the whole time for you. ...

    • It's still that chance though I can make things really awkward. The only hint i have is she she said she is super interested in my sex life, and calls me by my first name even though she knows me better than that.

  • just know her feelings to you and then proceed. don't confuse yourself and take a wrong step


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  • You'll never know for sure until you ask. The risk of ruining the friendship is always going to be there while you're unsure.

    • True I'm confused in this cause irs not like I can just get rejected and never see then again.

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