Would my underwear be a total turnoff to girls?

I literally bought some underwear and had no idea the were like a satin fabric until i got home and got them out of the packaging... i put them on and they were tight and weird looking and i was like right I'm chucking them... but then they were just totally comfy... like the most comfy undies everrrrrrrr. I feel stupid wearing them though and think girls will prolly think I'm weird when they see them too? should i just keep eating them anyway or throw them out...

LOL oops i said eating... fail


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  • they sound fine, tbh girls dont really care about underwear and i personally think anything except briefs look good

    • whats wrong with briefs? these are briefs

    • i think they look childish, plenty of women dont and even if they do they won't care enough to avoid you or leave you for it so you have nothing to worry about. just be happy you found some real comfy underwear

    • i don't think mine look childish, thats the one thing they don't look lol. Yeah true that.

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  • Dude, that sounds very comfy. THey won't mind at all.

  • Haha. The eating part literally made me LOL. Thanks for the typo. I'd keep them BTW.

    • hahaha its times like that you think WHY IS THERE NO EDIT BUTTON... but i guess that is what the "preview question" feature is for... i always click submit and thennnnn read it

    • Yeah, pretty much the same here!

  • Ahh satin and edible undies. I need to shop where you shop.

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