Do I take it as a yes to a date?

I normally know what I'm doing but with the latest chick I have been a bit lazy. It's obvious to everyone she likes me and from how she's been; blowing up my phone, inviting me to the things (with just her) and etc.

So casually messaging, here's how it went... she invited me to the beach with just her (only) but I had to decline as I'd had plans already. But to counter, I said, I'd be pulling her away from her usual Friday night study plans (she'd mentioned how her Friday night 'dates' are with the books in the library). As this was one of those quick flash conversations, she'd replied to my previous reply; trying to encourage me to join her at the beach. So obviously now, she saw me asking her out but did not reply to it specifically.

She's continued to blow up my phone as we have multiple conversations going over text message, Facebook IM and social media and snapchat. I normally let the conversation die but she will instigate a conversation through a different avenue until I give in and keep messaging her (unless I've got important things to do or am out).

Do I assume then that it is a yes to the date? She'll be basically waiting for me Friday night once I finish my exam regardless. The weird thing is I'd jokingly (was not planning to) suggested her to show me around her town as she'd teased me about not knowing where it was but this time, she changed the conversation to something totally different... Plus a few snap chats to reply else where.

She's young though (early 20's). I just cannot understand her inviting me out but then not replying otherwise when I ask her out.

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  • If you like her, hen go for it..
    Maybe it was because you said no she might have thought maybe you didn't want to hang with her and she is scared.


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