Any tips advice for long distance relationships?

do you guys have any tips or advice for long distance relationships?


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  • Do you mean getting into one, or are you already in one? Did you know them in person before going long distance or not?

    • getting into one..

    • Just make sure you know him/her really well before you ask about it. If you're good enough friends, even if he/she declines they should be fine about it. Some people just don't do only online relationships, but if they're not comfortable with the idea you could always try trialling it, and then going back to being just friends if it doesn't work.

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  • well dont put too much effort on it.. it rarely works unless both of you are really committed to each other. remember to dont "just" use text, also use video chat and call him so often so y'all ganna feel closer to each other.. GLHF

  • make use of it. i mean u can hang out, drink, go for shopping, watch a movie with guys. u can even have sex with any guy u lusted for.


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