My Guy Best Friends?

Me and my guy best friends became friends last year and since then we became really close friends when end up becoming best friends, yeah i did liked him since day one but he had a gf at the time will now there not together anymore the broke up in January of this year and since then i could tell that he like me but he didn't want to say he would flirt with me and stuff we talk all the time well anyways a few days ago we were talking and he told him that he wants to be friends with benefits now, like what will happen after we become friends with benefits would we end up into a relationship after that? yeah i do yeah feeling for him and he know that and he feel the same way when he around me and like he friends and my friends tells that we make a great couple and that we belong together


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  • I think you'll get a lot more responses if you use some periods and punctuation. it is really hard to read this very long post without any sentences breaks

    I don't think you should simply start a friends with benefits relationship. it leaves way too much vague room for issues to crop up. if you guys want to be together than be together but just hooking up seems like a good recipe to create some sort of conflict in the relationship at some point.

    if you want to be his friend more than his make out buddy work on an actual relationship rather than a casual hook up


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