Can I be happy alone?

I really want to get over the urge to want to be in a relationship. I have been singel forever, and it has really had an impact on my self confidence. Its like, i really can't be that attractive or funny, or a nice person that people tell me i am, when like no normal guys (så called "loosers", guys with no jobs, dont go to school, do drugs etc) will approach me or at least try to really get to know me. Two of my friends are in relationships, one of my friends have a lot of FWF, and is very charming etc and get a lot of guys, and my other friend has always one or another guy talking to her, or flirting with her + she's pretty and extremly outgoing and charming. And then you have me: get approach when i go out clubbing= guys that only wants sex, or i get creeps that are talking to everyone, and just want someone, but usually dont get anyone because they are really annoying. Anyway, its not like i dont get attention from guys, but how come my friends get approach by decent looking and normal guys ofte, and i dont? It must be something wrong with me, or i am doing something wrong. I really do belive that i can improve my confidence when it comes to my personaltity if a guy really tries to get to know me, and is sweet and polite. That way i really can prove myself wrong, and realise i am a good and likable person.
But i really can't see that happening in the future at all... so how can i get over this urge, without feeling bitter and sad about it? How to just realise im not ment to be in a relationship and be happy about it?


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  • Men will be men and they all have different preferences on the type of women they want.. you sounds like you have a tad bit of insecurities and if you do you can change that. Alone time is wonderful and you should love yourself enough to wany alone time. Remember you can't love someone until you love yourself. Unfortunately, the good men do not just pop up on our lap. You will find love in the most strangest places. Do not look for love, let it find you. Do things by yourself or friends that make you happy. Pick up a hobbie, go exercise, start a journal. Life is too short to worry about the opposite sex to be honest. Your time will come!