Hanging out with a friend and not sure if she wants to be more, what signs can I look for?

About 2 months ago, I reconnected with a girl I use to go to HS with 6 years ago which was the last time I saw her. We were friends back then but never really hung out or anything. I decided I wanted to reconnect with her so I sent her a message and we met up for coffee. We've also met up for dinner (not a date) and Ice cream. She always asks what my work schedule is and she's sure to tell me when she's free. I know she wants to hang out quite a bit. I just don't know if she wants to be just friends or if she's looking for more. What signs can I look for that would give me a clue?


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  • Here are some signs that she might wanna be more than friends:

    • Touches you (hand, shoulder, back and etc)
    • Hugs you frequently
    • Looks into your eyes and smile often
    • Doesn't friend zone you like she doesn't say buddies, BFF and etc to you
    • Texts/calls you everyday for hours
    • Flirting to you
    • Gets jealous if you have another girly friend
    • Talks to you about deep/personal things that no one knew
    • Tells you to keep a secret that's important to her
    • Being playful and teases you a lot
    • Remembers a little detail you said of your conversation with her (for example, she remembered you said that you like The Joker, then she mentioned it again - you 2 had that conversation a year ago)
    • Loves to invite you in special occasions

    Hope this'll help :D


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  • To be honest, "indicators" such as body language/physical contact and flirting aren't always accurate - they could just be traits of someone's personality. If she keeps suggesting you two meet up alone or kisses you, it's likely that she's interested in being more than friends. If she doesn't do anything that direct, I'd say your best bet is to straight-up ask her if she's looking to be in a relationship. It might be awkward at first, but you'll be glad you asked - her response will either make you really happy or let you know that you should move on. Good luck!

  • It is really hard to tell sometimes. Me, I'm all about being blunt and to the point. Ask her how she feels. Ask her out on a date and make it clear, tell her this is a date. I am picking you up, taking you out. Then do something special. If she acts excited, you'll know. If not, then at least you'll know where you stand. don't wait too long, it is true about being friend zoned.

  • I am actually in the same boat- reconnected with HS friends. It's too soon to tell, really. Just that she does want to hang out. Don't worry so much about where it's going. I promise if a relationship is meant to be you'll know naturally soon enough.


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