Women And The "ME" Complex?

I truly suck at trying to pick up women... but I've been trying to change that. Over the past few weeks, I was able to meet women, get 9 phone numbers, and I've been on a few dates. Sounds good on paper,.. but it's not that good. Here is the problem I am having with women:

When I talk to women through the phone or text, same bit. Also, if I don't make an effort to talk to them, I'll never hear from them again. Sometimes they even answer with a few words, but happily agree to go on dates with me.

-I take women on dates. Just very casual places to get to know them a bit more. That's just it. During the date, I get to know everything about them... but they don't make an effort to know me. Don't even ask me anything about me, so I have to just tell them about me, which still doesn't interest them.

Maybe I'm just a terrible and shitty person. Does this happen to other guys? Why do women do this? And if they truly aren't interested in me, why agree to go on a date at all?

Are women really that hard to please these days?
If that's the case, maybe I just need to learn techniques to hit it and quit it during the date.


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  • Having her do all the talk is where your advantage lies. If you ask the right questions she will reveal exactly what she looks for in a partner which you then can use to become that person. Ask a lot of about how she feels about stuff, about her ideals, her dreams and so forth.
    If she should ever ask you about you, you'll have all the information you need to tell her what she needs to hear.

    If you want to be a player that is. Personally, don't care much for that approach, but it's pretty effective.

    • I suppose... I see your point. It's just that, the first date that I went on at age 18, while it wasn't a super good date, the girl was interested in me as much as I was interested in her. Our communication was done on a two way street where she wanted to learn things about me and I wanted to learn things about her.

      These days, when I meet women and go on dates, they don't give a shit about the guy they are on a date with. That's the thing that kinda bugs me. It's like they are only agreeing to go out to get free stuff and that's it.

    • That's because you're playing the game wrong.
      If you don't want to play insist that these days it would be antiquated for you to pay her drinks.

  • I like your second update. That's the way to go. The ones that are worth keeping around are the ones that will show an active interest in you. The rest, bed them and move on.

    • How can I get laid on the first date then? I'm tired of trying to put forth the effort into getting to know women and getting zero interest back.

    • Tease them, don't take them seriously, lightly touch them, be confident, look at them in the eyes. Essentially you want to increase the sexual tension without making any overt sexual comments

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