Is this considered cheating? Although nothing much is happening?

I have a boyfriend of more than 2 years and for the past 5 months we are in a Long Distance Relationship. The thing is.. i got to like someone else.. first it was a crush then I realized its more than that. So, I feel like I dont love my bf anymore.. i just always think about the guy I like, I even try to talk to that guy to get to know him better, i dont know if its mutual though. The one who makes my heart flutter is not my bf.

Is this a sign that i should break up already? Or is this bec of ldr. We will be together soon but im not sure if it will change my feelings.


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  • If you like someone else, then it's time for you to breakup with your boyfriend. End it before you cheat on him. Also if you had loved your boyfriend, you wouldn't have developed feelings for someone else.


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