Girls, have you ever dated a guy, but knew that he wouldn't consider you long term, because you weren't the same ethnicity?

I feel like I've been put in that position. I met a guy while on vacation. Even though we were in Hawaii, his family had just relocated to my town! It was perfect, but it turns out his family did own slaves way back then... They are from up state, but you can tell that they come from southern money. I really liked this guy we've been talking and inter mingling for about a year now. He had admitted that I was the first black girl that he had ever kissed and for a while I could tell he was truly fascinated with me.

He's bring up how kissing me was really fun and then he started to date another black girl, but dumped her after she went psycho with trying to have his babies. After summer the fascination had ended and he went back to white girls of his type. I really wanted to date him, but I knew he was just fascinated and I know how his family is. He heavily cares about how his family feels about the girls he dates.

I've noticed that a lot of guys are like that, so it makes me feel self-conscious if I do date outside of my race. I wouldn't say it's a fetish, but still why date a girl that doesn't share your ethnicity just for the hell of it?


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  • guys do that a lot. its like some guys have a checklist and wanna say they banged a black girl, a short girl, a tall girl, a redhead, a cheerleader while she's in her uniform, a little person, etc... but at the end of the day MOST guys are going to settle down with someone similar to themselves in terms of culture, race, and socioeconomic status. plus white/black dating is still very controversial. and I doubt too many guys want to give up their white privilege to date a black woman and have to deal with racism.

    you should have known better to fuck with a white guy especially one from old southern money. he's probably back at the country club telling Rhett and them what it was like smashing a colored girl. that is why you should either not date out of your race, or have very very high standards and make sure u know the guy inside and out before you even bother.

    • We only shared a kiss, but even from that point I could tell. It sucks, because we still talk a lot. I don't know why guys always complain about girls that are guarded. We are that way for a reason.

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