He suddenly got angry and won't talk to me?

On a night out my guy suddenly got very angry at me and refused to talk to me,
I don't know why.
He was on lots of drugs and alcohol.
He said we will talk tomorrow, but i honestly don't know why he blew up...

What do I do?


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  • Probably because He was on lots of drugs and alcohol.
    Do you want a lifetime of this? It will only get worse in more ways then one.


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  • This is not a psychic website hon, you haven't told us what you said/did to spark this outburst. can we get a little more detail?

    • I didn't do anything, thats the problem...

    • then its time to get out of this relationship. it doesn't get any better than this

  • Sounds weird, what was happening at the time before the blow up and any more detail about your relationship? (How long you've been dating, ages, normal emotions between you two, etc.)


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