My best friend is a crazy and awkward and allows people to walk all over her and she doesn't carry herself in the best manner sje care about looks but she doesn't... Tbh dhe looks untidy most times. She has a crush on this boy and he knows and today I asked his friends what he thought about her and they said he said he would never like her in a million years and I don't know what to do sje has this problem a lot with crushes not liking her back and she really thinks he likes her abd I don't want to hurt her by telling her cause the last time this happened she cried for days any advice at all will help and she is not going to change her personality trust ne I have tried

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  • the question you need to ask yourself is this: is the fact that she thinks he likes her going to hurt her in any way? like, is she going to ask him out, expecting him to ask her out, etc? if not and if it just makes her happy to think he likes her, then don't tell her. but if it could hurt her, you should kind of tell her. say something like "don't get your hopes up because if it doesn't work out, you'll just be extra upset" or "are you sure enough that he likes you that you're willing to take a risk by asking him out" or "sometimes our assumptions can be wrong. just be careful." just say things to help her not to get her hopes up without saying he doesn't like her. the only reason to actually tell her he doesn't like her is if she doesn't heed your warnings and is going to ask him out or something anyway. then i would be like "i'm telling you this because you're my friend and i don't want to see him hurt you more but his friends said he doesn't like you like that" or something like that. keep it gentle and not harsh. NEVER have someone else tell her! she's your friend... you're the one she should hear it from if she has to hear it. hope this helps!


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  • I would tell her so if she finds out you knew and didn't tell her you aren't in trouble with your friend and also because it's the right thing to do. Wouldn't you hate thinking the person you like, likes you then finding out way later that it wasn't true? you should tell her sooner so she doesn't become too deeply in love with him. It's the right thing to do. Also don't try to hint at the fact that he doesn't like her, it might seem like you're trying to steal him or some crap. Just say "I need to tell you something." And tell her to her face so you can comfort her.

  • damn she must forget him

  • get new friends...

  • u don't tell her, let her face it directly.. so that she can come and ask you to console her, that moment u give her ua support making her strong!!!

  • Tell her to speak to him and tell her to find out for herself.

    • She tries to talk to him and he talks to her sometimes he avoids her and she thinks when he aviods her it means he's nervous and he won't tell her he doesn't like her

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    • I think maybe he doesn't want to hurt her feelings

    • If he wants her to stop liking him (and I think you want that as much as he does), he has to be honest and direct about his feelings. She needs to know if she has no chance at becoming lovers with him.

      You can't let your friend be walked all over emotionally and have that happen all for nothing because the guy she likes doesn't like her back.

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  • It shouldn't be necessary to tell her. Of course, if she has the intent of pursuing him (such as asking him out, flirting, etc.) then you should tell her. But if she just talks about him occasionally and admires him from afar then there shouldn't be a need.

    Why does your friend think that he likes her? I would think that if he has zero interest in her he wouldn't give off any signs of interest. She may be trying to read too hard into things that he says or does around her, and is taking stuff as signs of interest that really aren't. Eventually though if your friend has a brain she should be able to recognize he doesn't like her.

    • She is the type of person that would have a crush on someone for years. She was crushing on hum when met her in march

    • Oh wow.
      Tell her you think she's wasting her time crushing on the guy, that he doesn't really seem interested. Maybe don't include what his friends said.

    • I don't want to hurt her