Should my girlfriend move in with me and my parents?

We haven't been able to see each other almost at all the past year because her parents won't allow her to be with me. I said I'll have my career in the next year and start making a suitable income. I said she could move out with me then. I'm still living with my parents. She didn't hesitate to say yes. she's crazy about me.

I think about her every day. It's making me sick and putting me in this funk. Would it be a bad idea to ask her to move in with me and my parents in the meanwhile? We're young she's 18 and I'm 21. We would just share my room. Or should I just wait tough it out till I can afford to get my own place and fully support her.

She is not close with her parents. She said that fact wouldn't bother her.


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  • At 18 she is a legal adult, her parents can't prevent her from seeing you. She could also get a job then she could move out quicker.


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