Dating someone who's handicapped?

A guy I'm talking to just told me he has cerebral palsy, and that a lot of people basically see him as unattractive and undatable because he has this disorder. He's also assured me that his condition isn't that noticeable, a limp at best sometimes when he walks, and that him and his friends forget that he has it sometimes. He can also do just about everything when it comes to movement.

My question is: have you ever dated anyone who was handicapped? Was it challenging?

I've never known any handicapped people, so I really don't know what I could be getting myself into.


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  • I haven't dated anyone but I did work with people who had learning difficulties/physical disabilities for a living.

    But at the end of the day it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks,or how his disability affects him,its how you feel about him that matters.

    If you really like this guy it will not matter,you will accept him for who he is and whatever goes along with that.

    Yes it might be challenging at times-but you know what,lots of relationships are challenging at times,for many different reasons.

    If you like him why don't you give it a go,see what happens.


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  • Cerebral Palsy is not a disease, or illness or a disorder...technically it is an affliction. An altered gate is one of a myriad of affects it has. There is very mild to very severe. Many preemies (premature birth) are affected to some degree, as well as people with head injuries.

    As you mature, you will find that almost everyone has some physical or mental challenges to deal with at one time or another; major or minor. Addicts/chronic liars etc. are just a couple of examples of what we constantly come across, that are far worse than a minor physical affliction.The key for you is gaining the maturity to see this person as beautiful...with nothing "wrong".

    I hope you can see and enjoy your relationship for what it is and what it can be. This shouid not get in the way, unless it's important to you to date someone who can run fast.

  • you've probably known a few handicapped people, even if you didn't know it. most everyone's got some physical or mental handicap, disability, or traumatic life experiences and other general unpleasantness.

    and ditto what kayaking said: cerebral palsy per se is not a disorder, but a description of a related group of nervous system problems.


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  • my boyfriend has ms and I love him more then and e thing it does some times show up but its ok cuase I love how he makes me laugh I ralely notices a lot of the time but if it does come up we deal. its not the persons abiltys or body its how they make you feel don't let it get in the way