[girl answers needed] Being Approached: Exit strategy for girls who are involved?

So I was reading around on this site about when and where to approach a girl and noticed by the answers that a lot of you girls don't mind being approached by a random guy at all (as long as you aren't too busy and it's not a creepy place).

The best tips i got are: Be creative/original, start with a compliment but don't dance around the topic they know you are intrested (+ it shows confidence if u straight up ask them out early)

I got a lot of answers from those previous questions, but what remained unanswered was how do you girls respond when you are already involved or plain not intrested? I understand some of the girls are just plain rude and tell u to f* off. So what's a viable "smooth" exit strategy when you realise it ain't working out, but you don't want to feel sad or get your confidence shattered or suffer loss of face?

And what none of the questions that already exist answer is, what if the guy is "below" your league. YES i know, we shouldn't be too worried about that as so many topic have already passed. But I feel with all existing topics, all the answers the girl give came from some fantasy dreamworld they have where some hot smart guy approaches them and it's all like in the movies.

How do you girls deal with them? Do you simply tell them you aren't intrested? Or do you give them a chance?

1) What's a viable exit strategy when things go bad when approaching a random girl?
2) How do you girls deal with guys that approach you, who you didn't see as potential boyfriends or just "below your standards" at first?

Bump - any more girl posts?
Or maybe some guys that can give some tips on what they do?
Bump - this kinda starts to feel desperate xD


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  • Well, I try to be really nice because I feel as if men today are chemically unstable. I say "oh I'm sorry, I'm not looking for anything right now," "not interested, sorry," "sorry I don't give out my number."

    When it comes to men that approach me that are not my type, I say the same thing, I don't want to think of them being any less than me. I don't believe in the "league" thing.


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