Friendzone or just wants to know me better before trying anything? Please help!

ok so i recently started to hang out with a guy. we live in dorms and on the same floor. we met once before accidentaly and immediately asked my colleague for my Facebook acount.

then in another night we met in the hall and started talking, we drank with the others and then end up just the two of us. and we get eachother so well. And after that we started to hang out everyday, last night we saw a movie together, today went for a walk in the park.

but i dont know he didn't try anything i mean he once hugged me and i backed up, dont know whym i just got shy and i;m sorry maybe he thinks i dont like him but its obvious i do. i wouldn't have hung out with him if i didn't.

anyways... now i dont know what to think. he had a girlfriend for 5 years but now they dont live in the same town anymore and have an open relationship. i think he is that kind of guy that flirts with many girls but i dont think he is serious about them, he more does that by instinct.

i do like him and i dont want to rush anything and i wouldn't mind being his friend nor his girlfriend, i just want him to be mine.

is he acting normal? and how can i spark more interest than the other girls? please help!


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  • Just take easy asker. Don't overthink this. Next time you to set up for a hug, make sure he knows it's a good one. What do you have to lose? Nothing.


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  • "i just want him to be mine."
    - Remember you mentioned that he has a girlfriend, so you'll be ONE of his girlfriends, not his only girlfriend. You need to be willing to embrace the open relationship as well.

    You backed off, that may have made him feel weird or awkward about initiating physical contact again. So initiate it yourself so that failed hug can be forgotten. Hug him, run your fingers through his hair, touch his arms or legs, his back... something to make contact.
    Keep hanging out with him and just go with the flow, but make the moves I suggested IF you want to move things along. Make him feel wanted too.