GUYS (and gals too), how should my friend going about asking the girl he likes out?

So I'm playing the wingman (wingwoman?) for my friend today. He has a crush on this girl he met when he changed schools. They talk in school and he has her Facebook but he seems to be having trouble gathering the courage to talk to her. While I completely understand where he's coming from (though my crush is complete stranger), I want to help him. They're friends already and he's asked her to hang out to which she agreed, so it's not like she hates him.

So guys, and girls too, any suggestions on what he should do? Not only to build his courage but just with asking her out in general. Thanks a lot!

Oops. *Talk to her outside of class.


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  • be creative not original have him say something like hey your single i would like to change that

    if that dosent work you can try the original would you like to go out with me list 3 options of were to take her and make her choose one because she might not like for example golf lol but if you give a variety of options its a win win situation if you think about it

  • tell him to ask her out to the movies or something like that


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