I was friends with this boy then I started flirting with him I was not sure if i liked him i just wanted him to put me above all other girls. He is kinda nerdy and innocent and really smart and I used to be really close to him and he was like my best friend until people started making jokes that we were dating it went on for a while and his friends told me he i not ready for a girl-friend and he would not date me then i eased off but i was still friendly now and now he has a new haircut that is really unlike him normally he would not care about look but his hair is kind of a 'badboy' haircut. He is breaking rules not anything noticeable. And he stoped talking to me and started hanging out with this other girl he is really mean and cold when it comes to me but anyone else he is nice to I tried talking to him and he seems annoyed and i saw a video that said to get out of the friendzone you need to not be there for her. But he kinda stares at me sometimes... and his friends now telling me that that's my hubby and those kinds of thing but before they were turning me off now they are leading me on what is he telling them what should I do?

  • he doesn't like you move on
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  • trying to get out of the friendzone
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  • likes the other girl
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  • he not sure about what he is feeling
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tbh I dont even like his haircut I liked him before I don't want him to change


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  • Haha! Oh, brother. Kids. Consider the fifth, invisible poll option: He's being silly and immature and you should forget about him until he either comes to his senses or disappears from your life forever. Time and life is too precious to waste on silly mind games.
    If he's playing with your head, then he's not being a very good person; if he's truly changed, then who knows what he's thinking? None of your business, though, and almost anything you try to do will probably end with you being greatly embarrassed or frustrated or hurt.

    Just ease away from the situation and wait. You don't NEED him or any of his nonsense.

    • I concur.
      Im thinking, ease away and show him u have moved on and dont need him... then watch him come back coz he's lost control of the game ;)

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  • if you guys are in high school or almost in high school he probably has listened to the stupid PUA advice and is trying it to see if it works i say give him a chance ask him out and then tell him once on the date that you liked the way he was not this fake persona he is putting up (that is if you like liked him before)

  • look the girl i like i liked her but i dont know what her feeling are so i tried changing it up a little and stop talking to her and to another girl i think i did a mistake cause now she doesn't really seem intrested when we talk maybe his trying to get your attention without saying anything to you as of so telling you im diffrent now i changed for you do you like me now sorrta way maybe his doing the same point being DONT FLIRT OR HANG OTU WITH OTHER BOYS BECAUSE THIS WILL MAKE HIM CRAZY JEALOUS THAT RIGHT BOYS GET JEALOUS TOO! give him more signs you like him until he gets the courage to ask you out

  • He's over you


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  • One thing I noticed about boys is when they want to get out of the friend zone or simply want to you to be interested in them they tend to change alot. They change there likes and dislikes to the things you like and dislike. In your case he is changing his innocent nerdy ways to the bad boy for you to notice him, he maybe trying to act cool. give some signs that your interested in him and tell him when your ready

    • I liked him because of his innocent nerdy ways and I don't want to embarrass myself because his friend said he is not ready for a gf and now they're saying something different