I don't know what she wants, how should I handle this? I just want to snap at her?

I met this girl over the summer, we talked for months, we went on a date, did sexual stuff, she stopped responding less and less, always claims she's busy to see me. I stopped talking to her because I got fed up with being lead on, even tho when I asked she said "I would never do that", so I stopped, didn't talk to her for 2 and a half weeks and she hits me up with "Hi darling, how are you", I respond, tell her I'm good and I want to see her and miss her, she stops responding, it's been almost a whole day and a half. So I don't know wtf to do, I'm frustrated and I just want to put her on blast.

I don't know if she wants friends with benefits or what we are, or should I just tell her one day that I'm going to see her and than I'm going to fuck her, is that too forward? I don't know I'm frustrated.


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  • Calm down. Snapping on her for not replying is not going to make her start replying more sadly. Also what are you gaining from telling her when you see her you're going to fuck her? You'll just feel even more shitty when she doesn't respond.

    • Bro, because I think that's all she wants. Sometimes being a gentleman doesn't work. How are you going to stop talking to me after we fucked, but before I decided to give in, you were blowing up my phone and telling me all this lovey shit, and reeling me in and once you had me you're gonna turn cold? Ok, turn cold, I understand, you need space, I understand, and keep in mind it's been one day since she hit me up AFTER I stopped talking to her for 2-3 weeks bc this is the type of shit she did, not respond, be distant, so I got the hint, but than hits ME up, with a darling and than acts shady? What do you want me to do? Please, I am trying to not think emotionally bc this hurts and I just want it to end nicely or just get an answer w/o being played for a fool.

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    • What do you mean by "no clue", I wasn't emotionally involved when I stopped talking to her for 2-3 weeks than she hits me with Hi darling, and than I got all the butterfly's back and now I'm all fucked up in the head again.

      You know how bad it feels that she's talking to other guys? Like I'm just this worthless thing, it makes you feel not human, I just miss how she used to talk to me, how she was real with me and open and how she used to just have convos with no BS.

      She doesn't hit me up with I miss you or whatever she just randomly responds. If she hits me up I don't know what to say. I just want to say what do you want, why are you even talking to me bc I haven't seen you in months nor do we even have convos Anymore idk.

    • If you write her going off she will have "no clue" why you are upset. As in she will feel that you are the one that's being weird.

      As for the the texts, those were example texts not to respond to. You have to keep busy, meet other people, pick a hobby to get your mind off of this girl. She's going to drive you mad.

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  • She's not into you. She's only keeping you around for the attention, most likely. Just move on and forget about her.


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  • She's probably one of them sluts that wants sex and nothing emotionally with you. She definitely has a few other guys around and texting/ seeing them, that's why she doesn't respond to you that much. Either you forget about her and move on or you cut the emotional part out and try to fuck her, when you finished fucking her say good bye. I find it easier to forget them once I fucked them, cause then there's nothing special about them anymore.