What is going on. Is he interested?

This guy after three years comes back into my life. He said he always thought I was cute but was to shy to say it. He says he is a shy person. We went out on a date. but we haven't hung out since and its been more than two weeks. He texts everyday. Cutie, gorgeous. 21 questions. but whenever there is like talks about hanging out or like he wants to show how to play a sport of his.. but nothing. Is it interested or am I back up. Im starting to lose interest. if like we talk all the time but not hanging out.


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  • If he is not texting you and attempting to hang out/spend time with you on a normal basis, then, for whatever reason, he is not in a position to date you exclusively. Regardless of how many times a day you talk or text.

    Ask him to hang. If he does not accept, then be honest with him. Tell him you are looking for something more.


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