Good sign or bad sign? Guys opinion?

Dating a guy now for a couple of months... He started calling me baby and babe... that eventually turned into goofy pet names...

Now he calls me scooter?

I don't know what that means... Good or bad?


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  • it's weird but if it doesn't bother you it isn't bad. if does let him know he needs to pick a new name

    • So you dont sound like a friendzone type name? We still are dating and he doesn't like the idea of me being with other guys...

    • if your dating and especially if you are having sex you are not friend zoned at all. your still good. like i said, if it bothers you have him give you a new name

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  • Seriously? Why don't you ask HIM? Are you two so distant that you cannot ask him a simple question like this?

    • No it is just too early in the relationship to ask such a tedious question to be honest. I have insecurities and i dont want to be hurt... The name choice just threw me off compared to his actions and behaviors so... I am fully aware that insecurites can often times play out as a flaw and i am working threw them.

      This question is posted purely out of curiosity of mens opinions. If you call your girl multiple names like baby, precious, darling... & then scooter when you are on the phone, what is that?

      Total left fielder in my opinion.

    • I agree. Scooter is odd. It seems perfectly legitimate to ask him what it means. Think about this:

      If YOU called HIM "ilchbotch," and he said, "Ilchbotch? What does that mean?"
      Would you be upset with him for asking?

      It seems to me that, calling each other pet names is already further along in the relationship than simple, innocent questions about a very obviously odd name.
      If for some reason he cannot tolerate the ENORMOUS weight of being asked a simple, innocuous question, then he's too immature to date.

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  • Maybe he likes pet names. If it bugs you tell him.