Girls, why is it so hard for me to find a girlfriend?

I used to work at lowes and I hit on a few of the workers there, but nothing ever came of it cause they were taken already. Now the job I have now has no girls at all. I don't really have any friends. I've tried online dating sites for the last 6 months but the girls on their aren't serious at all. Honestly I don't know what to do anymore. Girls have boyfriends and then they don't want anything to do with me. You would think maybe they would want to introduce me to a friend of theirs or something. I'm always really nice and show an interest in the girl by just asking genuine questions to get to know her and they don't seem bothered by it. Normally I just keep in touch with them and keep talking periodically even thought they have a bf. They probably just think I'm desperate when I do this. Girls don't ever breakup anymore though. They stay with the same guy for like 5 years!


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  • Its ok your true love is walking on earth somewhere right now and you will find her no matter what!!! Good luck


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  • Sounds like you are doing a lot of things wrong.

    The Law of Attraction is your problem. You say that all women have boyfriends and that you cannot find a girlfriend, no one will introduce you to single women. Your thinking this is attracting more of the same each day. Your looking applies to a different universal law but just stop.

    You are pulling to you failure when it comes to women and you know it.

    If you want to meet good women who are doing something, join a church group and volenteer for a cause or charity and make more friends, let finding a woman be the by product of giving.

    Take your mind off women.

    There are places on the planet where all you need to do is sit or stand and some of the most beautiful women on the planet will come on to you. Possibly going to a country where the women are agressive just to knock the hair of the dog off you will change your way of thinking. Everything you are going through is due to not thinking correctly.

    The nice thing about going to a different world to meet a woman is that you will find that woman are only fat in the States. Women in the states are broken toys in general by always feeling the need to have a man in their lives.

    Good luck

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