Is a guy joking or is he serious?

I can never tell if a guy is joking or serious anymore. It used to be 'wanna go out' or 'can I have your number', but now they say that and then they say just kidding or something. I don't want that to happen and I don't know if they're serious or not. How can you tell?


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  • A lot of guys will compliment and ask girls out in a joking manner but actually mean the shit they say. Unsure of why, just an observation.

  • Answer questions seriously and not jokingly.

    • Agreed. If he says, "Hey, can I have your number? Hah, I'm kidding"; but you find you like the guy, then just say, "O. K., do you really want it?"
      If you wanna be flirty, give him a sideways glance, or raise your eyebrows in a challenging fashion. Guys love girls who know what they want and are straightforward.

    • Right. If he says hah after asking, its only because he's insecure. While being serious, he's pretending to do it jokingly to prepare himself for rejection.

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