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My girlfriend, not that I ask like a perv or try to force it, has never let me see her boobs. I was fine with it up until today when she told me her ex boyfriend has seen them. She told me that he apparently pressured her (which I don't doubt) but I just don't understand why still because she still gave in very easily to him pressuring her about that compared to other things I've heard about. For instance he pressured her to let him touch her down there and she refused easily but this he was going to pull up her shirt and she stopped him but he said "come on" and she let him. The reason why I'm concerned is because its been a solid 5 months of dating her and it's never come up. I've asked her how far she's gone as well as her asking me and she never told me. To be 1000% honest yes I am a little jealous but I just don't know what to think. It gave me an anxious, uncomfortable feeling like when your about to barf your brains out more than once. Please give me some guidance? I'm not at all someone who will force her to do anything but I just don't understand how she could give in easily to him and never show me let alone tell me it ever occurred. If I showed my junk to my ex girlfriend because I was pressured (which very well couldve happened (bad bad bad situation of whipping)) I would tell my girlfriend and if she wanted to I would show her too so I just don't get it?


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  • I'm pretty sure she doesn't wana show u because..
    Well she probably showed her ex cus she thought they'd be together for a longgggg time, so when they broke up she REGRETTED showing him. The thing is she doesn't want to regrett showing you her boobs when u guys break up, so thats why she won't show u. I'm like 85% positive this is why.
    The second reason is that her ex might have not liked them? Or critiqued them so she afraid you'll do the same and won't show u cus of that.
    These r the 2 most likely possibilities but I'm almost certain the first is whats goin on here.

    • Ok I forgot to explain that part, we've been together for 5 months and to us both it feels wayyyyy longer and we've talked about getting married in the future plus some other signs and ways she acts know for a fact it's not her worried she's going to break up with me but one thing that did interest me is what you said about the fact that her ex didn't like/critiqued them and this is true. The reason why I don't think this is the reason is because she has done this thing where she teased me by putting her hands on her boobs and turning around but that's it nothing else not the whole thing and I also don't think so because I constantly tell her how nice they are ever since she told me she feels like they are small. I always tell her I like them how they are (which I do) and that I dont want them bigger. Her ex on the other hand told her they were small even before she showed them to him. I'm just so mind boggled by this I don't know what to think...

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    • I see so what do you think would help her feel better about it? To make this clear I am not just wanting to be a perv and see them for me a lot of it is I want her to feel comfortable with me because I know I won't hurt her and I want her to trust me. I could never hurt her lol. If I have to admit I'm a little whipped in a way but she doesn't use it for her advantage so that's good. Lol extra info just tryin to prove I won't hurt her aha :)

    • Oh another thing to sort of show how much we love each other is we both basically know what we don't want. I had an ex who was the only sort of real gf but she was really mean, manipulative, and she used me so much. I was deeply depressed daily for about 5 months because of how bad she treated me but I didn't leave because I thought I couldn't do better. She ended up saying we were still dating but taking a break for a tiny bit but still dating and when we got back together she cheated on me and I think it caused me a heart attack (literally no joke) My gf now kind of had the same situation so we sort of have that understanding of what each other wants aha. Damn that last relationship left scars...

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  • How long have you guys been together?

    • 5 months going on six. We both feel like it's been wayyyyy longer than that lthough.

    • Just ask her about it. If she's not ready then you have to wait.

    • To be completely honest the issue isn't me seeing them its her not telling me about this earlier even when I've asked and when she's told me deeper things. I don't know I just hate secrets a lot for some reason.

  • Maybe she's just very self-conscious. I used to not let my bf, which is now my ex, see anything until the 6th month of dating because I was concerned that he wouldn't like them. Especially if I know he has seen more, I would be more concerned about my body. But after I showed him, got good feedback, it became easier for me to show him them.

    • What do you mean by seen more? Like others' bodies? I haven't and also I do compliment her a good amount and she smiles when I do aha

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