What does this mean now? Is he interested in me?

Ok I just found out that the guy i have crush with has a girlfriend through Facebook (i didn't add him in FB i just kinda just searched for his FB acc after i knew his name). Dang!! I'm heart-broken. Yesterday I went back to my workplace to visit my colleagues and the main reason because i wanna to see him. Yesterday we had a very long talked and he talked to me first. He taught me some things about his work. He explained it to me about his work and i was over the moon when he did that. He also asked some questions about me. I'm confused about him actually, he had send me mixed signals for the past 2 weeks ( u can read the story from a few of my questions that i posted before) and now i found out that he has a gf. I seriously don't know what to do right now. :( Is he interested in me? I really don't want to ruin other people's relationship.

Guys and girls, what is your opinion? I really need opinions as i can't really make up my mind on what to do.. :((


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  • Whether he's interested in you or not at this point in my opinion is irrelevant. It's possible that he is or isn't, but regardless of that situation, he's already taken, and if he were to break up with her to date you, what would stop him from doing the same to you? in my opinion it's best to walk away from this one, even though you like the guy.

    • So u mean like in order to play it safe, i have to walk away from him?

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    • But it's so hard for me. It had been a long time since I feel like this. :(

    • I know, but if he were willign to leave his current gf and start dating you, what would stop him from doing the same thing to you? in situation's like that it's best to not indulge, it'll save you a lot of heartache.

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