Is it bad to not want to Kiss?

well I want to date this guy but I'm not too keen on kissing anyone yet... is it bad to go into a relationship with someone and not want to kiss them?


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  • if you dont feel like kissing him then you shouldn't kiss him! you shouldn't like force yourself bc for some people it is considered a bad thing.. true is its a little bit uncommon in your age but why not? if you dont want to dont do it and even if it is a bad thing it doesn't matter.. you should do things when you are ready and only then.. and as for the guy maybe he want like it either but you should tell him and be honest with him so that he knows what to expect:)

    • totally agree with this, you should do nothing for him while expecting everything in return, absolutely.

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    • ok so you are 16? okay so know i might say about that uncommon part that it is not that uncommon if you are just 18!:)

    • thAnks for MHO!!!:)

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  • Although it's uncommon, you shouldn't force yourself.
    However, don't forget that kissing is the quickest and most effective way to show one's affection, I'd re-evaluate that if I were you.

  • why would a guy be interested in a girl as frigid as you

    • Well I'm 16 and also a christian so sorry but yeah someone is interested in someone as fridgit as me... oh and I'm not fidgit I just don't want to be a slut and hook up with 20 guys before I find the one. I feel sorry for you and your values in life

    • If you're 16, you shouldn't have yourself listed as 18-24 @Asker.

    • Well it wasn't inteeded... I only just saw it before. Thanks for having an opinion :) @hopefuldancer

  • Its sooooo bad


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  • Yes, it is I would say. Kissing is a way to show affection and love.

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