Will a guy reconsider a second shot with a girl?

so long story short meet this amazing guy we met at work 1 and 1/2 months of me working there he finally ask e if I wanted to go watch a movie. I was happy I was dying for him to ask me out. that movie date he said thanks for me because I said yes to him. he said he thought he would never have a chance with me I said why he said he thought I was out of his league. days passed he asks me out to a fancy dinner. we had a blast that day we had the what are we talk. I said I wanted something serious but I wanted to start out as friends. i said first friends because I did not want to rush things we both liked eachother from the start. he said it was good. we went on two more dates. till out of no where he says lets just be friends nothing else. i was sad but I told him it was ok. that day he said no its not fine twice. but I said it was fine I liked him enough to no want to lose his friendship. at work it felt weird days passed and he said we need to stop pretending to be friends. he said lets just go back to being co workers. that hurt me, we talked about it he said he was pretending to be friends that he wouldn't want to hangout just as friends because the times we would go out he felt something. i said wats the problem if we both like eachother. so that day he said okay ill be your date your bf everything. I was super happy. he kissed me twice we hugged for a long time. the next day was my bday he took me out and both me roses. at the end of our date he said we should stop talking I said why he said because he thinks if two people are ment to be the should like eachother from the start that love shouldn't take time to develop. I really like him can y'all give me advice to what to do. its been now two weeks that we haven't talked.

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  • Don't peope use punctuation anymore? That was hard reeading!

    Thing is, you have already had a 'second shot' with this guy, and it didn't work. Hun, the problem isn't yours, it's his. He sounds a little immature and clearly doesn't know the difference between like and love. Love takes time, something he has no idea about.
    He is the one blowing hot and cold here. Really, as much as you prob dont want to, you should forget this guy and move on. You are beautiful and should find a guy worthy of your time. He isn't!

    • I wish i Could Just Forget about him but something tells me he's the one. by the way he's 22 im 19 he told me he doesn't have much experience in dating. /:

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    • No he's not, sweetie. The only reason u think that is coz ur infatuated with him.
      And... he is almost certainly not 'the one', however much u think he might be.

    • I've only dated 3 guys that I took serious and some other guys that only wanted something but I dumped them because of it. I spoke to his friend recently and told him the story he told me that it's rare that his friend took me out he knows him since high school and has always been shy about asking girls out. He told me pretty girls would ask for him in high school but he wouldn't want to talk to them. He told me it's his low self esteem.

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  • The guy sounds super manipulative by deliberately playing with your emotions and it's always a massive red flag when someone wants to dive straight into a relationship off the bat.

    So from what I've read he's super clingy/needy and somewhat manipulative; he sounds like the ultimate catch /sarcasm.

    I can't understand why you are even contemplating whether or not he'll give you another shot? You should find someone else.

    Oh and just a friendly piece of advice - if a guy you like more than as a standard friend asks you out and you say yes, don't then friend zone him on date by saying "let's just be friends first". If a girl said that to me on a date, I'd cut the date short and I'd go home.

    It's okay to take things slowly, but when a girl says 'lets just be friends', 99.9% of men are going to interpret that as 'she's not interested in me'.

    • /: do you think that's why he started avoiding me? Is it my fault or his?

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    • So it's best if I'm honest to him I even wrote a song for him.

    • Pick a plan of action and see what happens.

  • He wants you to have sex with him and you haven't yet.


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