Ladies: Would you go out a 6'11 tall man?

I'm sure most tall women would, but there's not a lot of men that are that tall and most tall women complain about the shorter women getting taller guys and feeling smaller. Just saying.

I'm 4'10 and I wouldn't because he's WAY too tall for me. I'd feel like an ant. If he had a great personality, then sure.

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  • No way! He's too tall for me!
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  • Hell yeah! It's hard to find tall men!
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  • I'm kind of petite/ short. I'm 4'11 and I can't see myself with a tall guy because I love to hug men around their neck and if I can't reach on my tippitoes to hug and kiss him then he's too tall for me.

  • I'm dating a guy that's 6'3 and I'm 4'11. Thats a huge difference as it is! It's not a big deal, I like him enough to not care, but any taller really starts getting awkward.

    • My ex boyfriend was 6ft and I'm 4'10. It seems like the taller guys like the shorter petite women like us.

    • Really, they love it! Every guy I've ever dated has been at least 5'10 with the exception of one! I can't seem to find a guy of average height haha. I don't mind though. This one's a keeper, although its a huge height difference.

    • Yeah. I kind of feel bad for the tall woman because they have a difficult time and less choices in the dating world.

  • My ex is 7'2"... sure, I guess by default I'd date someone that is 6'11" ._.

  • Yes!! even though I'm tiny, lol :P