Girls that are dating: during the first few dates (3 or 4), when you like a guy do you try and stay in touch very frequently? Guys?

Someone recently told me she believes when a girl is truly attracted to a guy she will really pursue him during the first several dates. Girls, my question for you is, do you find yourself communicating very frequently if you truly like the guy, but have just started dating or do you want him to pursue you at first? Guys, do you find that girls contacted you frequently when you are first starting (daily text/calls) if they are really into you?


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  • The answer is yes, but theRe is a catch to it! You will be able to set her apart from the rest of the fish out in the sea by what I say next... she will respond to all your texts and answer calls within a reasonable time... so if your taking no minute to spare on returning a text she will do the same! If you take some time to respond back becuase your busy she should automatically do the same to not seem THIRSTY!!! here is the catch... even if she is head over heals for you and always on point returning texts, calls or. answering your calls you have to be the one to initiate it... a real woman who is stable and has a goodness over her shoulders will allow herself to be wanted! BUT IF SHE IS CALLING TEXTING NON STOP AND ALWAYS CHATTER CHATTER then run for the hills because that means she has too much time on her hands... that means no job no career no life and over all unstable!!!


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  • hard to say, i went on a date with a girl 3 times after that she never called or texted me back.
    weird because if you didn't like someone usually after the 1st or 2nd date you would can them off.
    this was after the 3rd date. and she said to me she didn't want a relationship but then i caugh her out by creating a fake profile and adding her with a hot pic of a guy and she did lol

  • One date per week as general rule. First date, 2nd, 3rd date is initiated by guys
    4th date onwards, until when's comfortable with you, she would contact you more.

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