HELP! Hard to tell if she's interested or not?

So I've known this girl for 8months during the final year of highschool. We did not date due to her commitment with gymnastics and obviously school. We obviously like each other a lot and agreed to date once school is finished.. which is when the problems started.

I suggested the first date, She ended up cancelling, but rescheduled. She was about to cancel the rescheduled date again! but she ended up going anyway. The date turned out great! lots of connection, positive body language, touching initiated by both me and her and a kiss at the end, nothing like those awkward FIRST DATES (probably due to us already knowing each other for so long).

Anyway, I followed up later that evening and asked if she enjoyed the day aswell as interested in me and would like to continue. She said YES to both, but quickly suggested she would be busy for a whole MONTH? (various things)

This really got me wondering, if she's interested and is always happy when she's with me, then why is it so hard to ask her out? (By the way, her reason for almost cancelling the second time on our first date was due to her needing to work, which turned out to be a lie since she was on Facebook afterwards the entire time lol)

some of my thoughts are:

she's telling the truth that she is indeed busy getting her life on track after school?

is she not interested? (even though signs shows she is)

She's mentally not ready for a relationship?

She just wanted attention, nothing serious like dating?

Anyone had similar experiences? help welcome! Thanks

Also should I tell her my exact feelings if I manage to ask her out again? or would that come off as desperate? Cheers

This is my first dating experience by the way..


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  • I'd say wait a month and see what happens... I work but I do go on Facebook on my phone.. and I'm working 2 jobs.

    Also the moment you assume (makes an *ass* out of *u* and *me*) that she is lying about needing to work.

    And even if she isn't working, and asks to wait a month, give her some space and don't get too clingy.

    • Yes.. The reason why I assume is because her job is also gym related, but coaching.. And normally never on the phone.. But I assume she lied due to flaking but then recovered...

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  • Gosh no don't please don't tell her your exact feelings right now. That will only scare her off. I think she likes you but either she really is that busy or she doesn't like you as much as you like her.
    Keep it really light around her, keep it fun and don't get serious fast, you should be able to reel her in more.

    • It's abit hard though since it's so difficult to ask her out, I tried not to sound desperate when asking do I really have to wait a month before seeing her again... We managed to agree on once a week perhaps for about 1hr during that month... However she added the "not sure which day yet "... Although I really like her, should I just move on? Or is there actually possibilities if I stayed and waited to see how it turns out?

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  • The first date sounded a little bit too rush for me, maybe she wanted to not let you down then agreeing to go date with you.
    I think the follow-up on the evening was a bit too fast. since it was only your first date.
    Try making once per week date rules, until 3rd date or 4 date if she still interested at you, she would reach out calling texting with you more.
    ''She's not mentally for relationship?''
    -Dude, it;s only ONE date, chill out.. go out get to know her more, don't try to lock her down!

    • Yer the thing is... We known each other for 8months prior to dating since she wasn't allowed due to commitments and school.. But we started dating just now after graduating a month ago...

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