Met a girl online, is she still interested?

I recently started talking to a girl though an online dating website. We messaged back and forth for about a week and the messages started getting very long, multiple times a day, and was definitely going well. I was going to ask for her number and arrange an in person meet, but it turns out we have several friends in common and were actually both going to the same group hangout later that week. I suggested a hangout just the two of us this weekend after meeting.

So we met, talked a bit only for about 15-20 minutes just the two of us. I felt the conversation went pretty well. I knew it wasn't going to be too personal of a conversation because of the group setting so I kept it light and funny.

When she left, however, she said goodbye to a few people, including some people she met the first time last night, but went to her car without giving me a chance. I went up to her at her car, but hesitated some, to confirm our plans this weekend with a specific day and time. At first she was, or at least acted, confused, but after I reminded her of our plans she did say yes. She then quickly said "Well do you want my number?" in a tone that sounded like she was slightly annoyed.

I am not experienced with women or dating at all so I'm kinda confused. Even though she said yes and didn't seem to hesitate in giving me her number, I feel like she was uncomfortable with my approach. Did I do something wrong? Was I not confident enough? Maybe she just had to get up early? Maybe she doesn't want people to know we met online? While sitting down she was making the tapping motion with her foot with her legs crossed. She is 7 years younger than me (but she messaged me first online), so maybe she was nervous?

On the plus side she did say yes, she didn't make excuses about being busy, she didn't hesitate in giving me her number, and she was enjoying the conversation from what I could tell.

Should I not worry so much and just assume she's interested until she says otherwise?


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  • I agree with the below poster who said the girl's actions were a little odd. It's possible she didn't feel a connection with you once you two finally met in person, or maybe she was just nervous like you said. Yes, you should assume she's still interested unless she gives you a clear sign that she's not. If she's still acting standoffish when you next meet, ask her if everything's okay and keep the mood light - no need to put pressure on either of you.

    By the way, I'm seven years younger than my boyfriend and we met online (on GAG) over a year ago. :)


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  • You sound like a nice guy. I think her actions were odd but best thing you can do is let her come to you now. Leave the ball in her court. If it doesn't work out don't worry. Dust yourself off and get back up again.

    • So if you were her, and for sake of argument you were interested, you would message the guy within the next day or two, even if you gave him your number and he didn't text you? I didn't give her my number because of the vibe I was getting, and I didn't text her mine in front of her because I was thinking how awkward it would be if it was a wrong number. If she is interested, is should going to be expecting me to text her since we were messaging multiple times a day before?

      Dating is such a pain... haha. At least we can take comfort in knowing we all are suffering it together lol.

    • I think perhaps she decided she wasn't interested and may have hoped to make a clean break and leave it on a nice note- sometimes that's less awkward for people, but you still did the right thing. I think if she is interested she will contact you, but if not then don't take it personally. It's just the way she chose to handle it

    • Oh, and yes if I were given a phone number and I was interested then I would text them, but admittedly if they also had my number I would be hoping the guy would message me. I think in your case I would leave it in her hands just based on her behavior.

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  • Go for it, but don't be surprised if she canceled or just stops talking to you with no explanation. Girls these days could care less about your feelings.

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