Opinions on depression in relationships?

I am a person that is very depressed at my current point in life. I honestly just drag through daily routines and don't have anything that I'm excited about or look forward to.

I'm in my early 20's, just graduated college. I don't think it's a great idea to inflict my depression on someone else by starting a relationship, but I am very lonely. It's a cycle of wanting to be alone and wanting someone to talk to.

I'm, tall, in good physical shape, and some women are interested in me, but I don't want to let anyone in on how down I am nearly constantly.

So for girls 18+ out there: what do you think about guys who are depressed? If you were attracted to a guy, enjoyed his company then later found out he is depressed, would you change your opinion of him?


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  • I understand depression a lot.. I myself have Bipolar and my mother also struggles with depression. In fact all the females on my mother's side have chronic depression. I could be able to work with that and together I think we could strengthen each other. Only problem is if the guy tries to drag me down into his depression by being negative all the time. I'm big on being positive and it helps me. Obviously sometimes you get dark days but if he's constantly telling me how negative things are it will really depress me even more. If however we could still have good times, laugh and he's not completely closed off then I could deal. If anything it will help me knowing I'm not alone and as I said, I'd love that we can relate and support each other as we have mutual understanding.

  • The feeling is so mutual!! :3 well, the guy would change while in a good relationship! I bet!


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