He's like an elastic band and it confuses me!?

Me and this guy have been dating for about a month, we are exclusive but not official.
Less than a week ago I felt he was getting distant.
I stopped sleeping over every night, texting stopped being filled with hearts and kisses and sometimes i wonder if i don't message if he ever will!
In person he is super cute most the time and the (short) replies i have been getting today all have an 'xx' attached.
I read into EVERYTHING and i'm honestly not sure how he feels. Maybe he just went from cute to comfortable, he's like an elastic band!
He's away at his parents for the weekend, should i minimally message and things and see if he changes?


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  • It's kind of normal for guys to sometimes pull away when things got hectic emotionally.. it's called the rubber band effect and you can Google it for good articles on why guys do it sometimes. But my best advice is to be open and talk to him about these stuff! If your hopes are to someday have a boyfriend in him then it's time you realize that you should be able to talk to him about these things otherwise it's not a good sign if you're scared all the time and also indicates that you're putting him on a pedestal. Being constantly scared of making a error and walking on egg shells around your crush is dangerous territory as it really shows you are putting so much emphasis on them that you're forgetting about your own personality and not being your 100% self. You should be comfortable around him!

    When you see him again in person, bring it up and ask him if something is up. Last time I did it with a guy he simply said he was really stressed out with exams and that it doesn't mean anything. I could relax then and understood him better. In fact, I was in the position to actually help him because I knew what the problem is.